OC Strategy – Reading Skills



  • Reading Skills Trial Test  (25 questions) with fully explanation video
  • Reading Skills Strategy video with booklet.
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Product Description

Section 1 will contain some sort of longer text

  • Usually fictional narrative, but could be something else
  • Usually an extended text – requires reading strategies to save time
  • Usually will require a deeper understanding due to extra details and multiple characters


Section 2 will contain some sort of poem

  • Could contain ambiguous or figurative language – multiple layers of meaning
  • Usually will contain an underlying message, story or perspective
  • Answers may not immediately be visible due to poetic language – deeper reading required


Section 3 will contain some sort of cloze passage

  • Does not require deep understanding of content or topic
  • Greater focus on text and paragraph structure over comprehension
  • Can be achieved using a process of elimination


Section 4 will contain multiple passages

  • Relational understanding required here – what does one text contain that the others do not?
  • Compare and contrast skills required
  • May require multiple readings and can become time consuming


Additional Information